The Good Shepherd Protects His Sheep

As Jeremiah Burroughs said, “We are not our own carvers,” meaning that we are not the determiners or our days. Yet how sweetly King Jesus condescends and helps us to rest in His ways and His will. What a comfort in knowing He will build His church and His will, will be done.

Yes, God is judging our country.
Yes, false gospels and religions spread like viruses.
Yes, persecution is coming to the church in America.
Yes, babies are being slaughtered today.
Yes, ISIS is slaughtering young and old.
Yes, there are wicked political powers all around us.
Yes, we will suffer in one form or another.
Yes, we know and will know sickness and pain.
Yes, the outer man is perishing and will one day die.

But also, yes, King Jesus is near. He is with us. He is keeping us. He is loving us. He is protecting us. He is helping us. He is preserving us. He is strengthening us.

Jesus, in some of his last words to his disciples, said, “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” He speaks this to us today.

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