A New Project

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The Lord has wonderfully used family worship as a real means of grace in the Dodd household. If only I had begun to lead my family in worship earlier, I simply didn’t know it was my responsibility. Knowing the fruit that has come to our household from regular, enjoyable family worship, I wanted to give back to Christ’s church something that might be useful and thus I have begun a longterm project in Family Worship Radio. This website will hopefully be a diverse tool box for those families looking to improve upon their family worship gatherings or help the family just starting out with valuable tools and ideas.

The main aim of the website will be to have short podcast teachings through books of the Bible and an occasional extra-Biblical book (like Pilgrim’s Progress), but the site will also provide child-friendly illustrations, answers to frequently asked questions, quotes throughout church history for encouragement, and so on.

I hope the resource provides lasting support and encouragement to all God’s people who view family worship as both necessary and fruitful.

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